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San Antonio Carpet Cleaning 2017: Understanding Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods There are several carpet cleaning methods being used by professional carpet cleaning companies used in cleaning carpets in residential and commercial establishments. There are two techniques of carpet cleaning which are the dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Dry cleaning involves the use of foams or chemical powders applied by special machines with counter rotating brushes, cylinders or pads, while wet cleaning includes hot water extraction and an absorbent pad. Wet cleaning is also referred to as steam cleaning or hot water extraction wherein the carpet is pre-conditioned with the use of chemical reagent liquefying soils as well as oil-based substances that are present in carpet fibers. The water is heated near boiling point temperature, pressurized, injected into the carpet, and extracted with a vacuum after ten to fifteen minutes. The advantages of using wet carpet cleaning includes getting out sailing from deep down the carpet; allowing usage of pressures, chemical concentrates and high temperatures; allowing extended dwell times for cleaning solvents reaction; facilitating chemical reactivity by agitation with extraction wand or grooming tool; and the most recommended method of industry experts and carpet cleaning professionals. Though wet cleaning method has long drying time, it can be reduced using a powerful equipment by competent technicians. When it comes to cleaning using an absorbent pad, bonnet cleaning is utilized for regular carpet cleaning and routine light maintenance. With the process, the carpet is vacuumed first, and then a chemical solution is sprayed using an electric sprayer or hand pump. Bonnet cleaning is inexpensive, simple and fast with great results in lightly soiled carpets. Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound uses a powder mixed with cleaning agents and special solvents that are spread over the carpet, and using a machine with counter-rotating brushes, carpet fibers are cleaned. Dry cleaning involves a simple system and it is fast drying, only taking twenty minutes before the carpet can be used again. With the rotary shampoo or dry foam method, cleaning agent is applied, suspending debris and dirt, then whipping it into a foam and worked into the carpet using rotating brushes of a special machine. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, you have to consider the company’s expertise, products, and services, credentials, reputation, customer service, and cost. A good carpet cleaning company must employ carpet cleaners certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC.
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