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Fashion Tips for Men in Their 40s

Once we touch the age of 40, we get settled in our life with a high paying job, a caring partner, kids to look out for etc. But once 40, we also tend to fall far behind in terms of fashion or forget how to dress sexy at the age of 40. Well…it’s time we help you make the ‘naughty change at 40’ a reality before you give up on trends, fashion, and forgo even the thought of how to dress sexy.

There’s no two ways about the fact that you love your Elvis Presley styled bell-bottoms. In fact that’s the best you ever had. But please don’t get the oldies out of their graves. These dresses will make you look and feel outdated. Instead, shop for clothes that match your personality and with your hair and skin colour. Just get to know how to dress sexy in these outfits.

It is advisable to go in for sombre colours and not for bold and blaring ones. The latter sends out signals of you trying desperately to reverse your age. Instead, go for variety in colours and styles and something that will make you look subtly sexy. Be subdued and honourable. Wear simple and comfortable clothing and realise the ways of how to dress sexy at 40.

It’s important that you choose the right colour for your garments. At the age of 40, you are not in your taut self. Rather then opting for bright colours which can look sickly on you, choose something that compliments your look.

Try not to copy your son or daughter. There’s a huge gap of years and fashion sense between and your kids. Don’t try to bridge that by wearing funky dresses borrowed from them. There are ways to look sexy even when you are aged 40 by keeping it stylish and not hip.

Wear clothes that speak of your years of experience. This will impart a very prideful look. Instead of going for trendy stuff; get classic in your attire. Just try out combinations to find out how to dress sexy.

Always keep a tab on what is in vogue for a man of your age. Sometimes, men get so accustomed to wearing tuxedos to office and casuals to weekend hauls, that they forget there’s more to 40’s fashion than that. So stay aware and follow these tips on how to dress sexy.

Sport coats are a good transition items for men in 40s. Apart from wearing formals to office and sneakers at weekends, you can try out driving moccasins.

If your body is nice and toned, don’t think that wearing the fashion wears meant for 20’s would look good on you. Ditch that thought and adorn tight jeans and smart t-shirts to flatter your manhood and set a new benchmark of how to dress sexy at 40.

People who don’t have the style sense needn’t worry either. Just visit a store and get abreast with the latest trends in men’s fashion

Fashion Tips for Men

Being a male is tough enough, we have to provide for ourselves and our families, we are supposed to know how to fix almost anything when it is broken, we are required to be sensitive and most importantly we are supposed to always look good. The hardest part about being a male is the fact that we are required to know everything, do everything and be everything to everyone. Don’t you find this hard to live up to such standards?

When it comes to fashion men just need to follow these 4 tips. The best part about following these 4 tips is that you will be able to look fashionable with ease.

Fashion tips for men

Dress up – The first way a man can be fashionable is if he dresses up. It doesn’t matter if you are going to church, a wedding or even shopping with the guys, you should always look good and dressing up is a great way to make you look important while standing out in a non threatening way.

Dark jeans – The nice thing about wearing dark jeans is that they look similar to slacks and just like I said above dressing up will show power in a non threatening way. Something I always like to do when I wear dark jeans is accompany them with a light shirt, black or white shoes, and a bold watch. The reason I put all these together is because it will make your face, watch, and your bottom stand out.

Lightweight jacket – The nice thing about wearing a lightweight jacket is that you can easily add that when you dress up or when you wear dark jeans. The thing I love about a lightweight jacket is that you can wear them when it is hot or cold outside and it won’t affect you that much.

Clean shoes – If you want to be fashionable then you need to always wear clean shoes. They don’t need to just be clean on the bottom and inside but on the sides as well. A great rule of thumb is to have 5 different pairs of shoes and never wear the same one back to back. You always need to give time to clean the shoes if need be and let them air out.

Summer Fashion Guide For Women

We all love to feel good with ourselves. Summer is here and its important to dress for the weather.

It is paramount that we feel comfortable but look great with personal style. Why not have a read through just three of the styling personalities that we have highlighted below.

Follow the Sex and the City girls with city chic styling.

These girls always look immaculate and accessorize to the max. The designer bag, immaculate hair and nails, all in line with the current catwalk fashion. This season lower heels are all the rage.

If your typical look is timeless and formal then you may have some elegant outfits in your wardrobe already. Compliment your existing timeless pieces with a shift dress. If you have researched colors or had your color analysis done then find an amazing color that suits you and makes you feel great.

If you are a more natural lady then you most likely feel best in simple and comfortable clothes. This does not mean you cannot look stylish.

If you wear comfy pumps then why not find a pretty ballet shoe. The high street has so much choice right now with the warm sunny days. Another idea is to buy some comfortable sandals and paint your toe nails a complimentary color.

If you tend to wear natural colors such as beige and brown neutral tones its easy to jazz up your style with some brightly colored glass beads.

Once you have a few new additions to the wardrobe and maybe some new accessories and shoes, its time to ensure that our skin is looking good.

Pay extra attention to your skin in the warm weather. Ensure that regular exfoliation and moisturizing is part of your skincare routing.

If you have applied the same colors and types of make up for years then why not visit a makeover expert or visit your local cosmetics counter at the department stores. A new makeup regime can make all the difference and take a good few years of the age that you look.

Finally a new hair do can completely change your appearance. Lighter shades as you get older tend to keep us looking younger. However it is not always the case. Try a new stylist and ask for their opinion.

Enjoy your summer styling, and remember its all about you feeling fabulous that counts. Remember you do not need spend a fortune. Simply a few treats can compliment your styling.

15 Minute Fashion Guide

When the alarm goes off in the morning, women are lucky if we can find our way to the coffee pot without injury. The only decision most women can make pre-sunrise is whether we want one spoon full of sugar or two in our coffee. Ever since grade school some women are taught to pick out our outfit the night before. Going to bed with piece of mind that we don’t have to make any outfit threatening decisions the next morning. But we still don’t have hours to spend making a reasonable fashion choice in attire for the following day.

Start with one article of clothing that you sure you want to be seen in the following day. Have it be a new pair of shoes, pants that finally fit again or a really pretty bracelet that has inspired you for some reason. Starting preparation on your outfit around this #1 piece this can help narrow your choices and speed things up.

Unless your #1 piece is a top or dress always start from the bottom, upwards. Select which style bottom you choice for the day a skirt, capri’s or maybe pants. Next is the color, if your shoes are black you obviously aren’t planning on wearing khaki. Try and spice things up though, pin stripe is always a great alternative.

Next is a blouse let’s presume the outfit so far; black heels and pin stripe capri’s. Good clean and simple, try and brighten things up now. Remember you are going to work so keep it professional. A solid color tank and matching cardigan is always pleasing. Try a lilac, soft pink or pale blue matching set. If you’re more daring, an intense red is always sophisticated & classic.

This should be the fun part now, accessories! Accessories are a great example of your personal style and taste. Feel free to mix and match, always wear something that makes you smile and is fun. Matching is always safe, silver or gold watch- stud earrings, a simple necklace and maybe 1 or 2 rings. If you don’t lean towards the safe side try a set of bold bangle bracelets. Be sure that they don’t make a lot of noise for that can be distracting at work. Earrings try a hoop or something with your fashion forward, maybe a colorful cluster of gemstones or a more playful design. Rings are a great expression too; try something that will have you smiling every time you look down at it.

Having your outfit laid out ahead of time relives plenty of unnecessary stress in the morning hours. A put together look during the work day will help you in feeling better through out you’re already stressful day. Always plan a simple back up outfit just in case of a last minute spill or new found rip. An effortless dress is stable back up plan – just in case. A look already put together will give you more time in the morning for important things – like breakfast!

Embrace Fashion With Online Fashion Games

Whether your child is a natural pink loving princess or a punk loving tomboy, there are many things to love about video games for young girls. Hip, challenging, and fun, these games allow your child to experiment with everything from fashion combinations to different hairstyles and makeup. Here are a few ways having a few fashion games on hand can benefit you and your child.

The best thing about online games is that they allow your child to learn and explore, all while rewarding them with fun animations, silly music, and a steadily climbing points system. Whether your child prefers to create her own wedding dress, design an outfit suitable for a queen, or she simply wants the exhilaration of running her own fashion show, there are thousands of games for young girls to choose from.

Along with allowing her to try different clothing combinations, color combinations, and more, you are doing more than just indulging her fashion whims. You are letting her learn more about what she likes in her own clothing. The same goes with games that center on hairstyles and makeup as well. In letting her play these games, she can learn which styles and makeup combinations she likes best.

The points system is important too. While some games provide simple scores, there are many-particularly those that are centered around combining outfits-that reward the player in the form of money. Along with teaching her the pleasure of shopping, this also teaches her the importance of saving up money or spending it wisely. While this may seem like a small thing to you, it is encouraging healthy budgeting concepts for her.

Best of all, there are plenty of fashion games out there that star popular characters, such as Barbie or Bratz dolls. This allows her a bit more flexibility when it comes to dressing them up. While playing with real dolls can be rewarding in its own way, online games provide you with a lot more in regards to clothes, hairstyles, and makeup than you would have with just the dolls alone.

When it comes to video games for young girls, it may seem impossible to find the right one for her. However, with fashion games, you can’t go wrong. Creative, fun, and unlike anything she’s seen before, these games will swiftly become your daughters’ favorites. If you’re interested in sparking your daughter’s interest, boosting her creativity, or simply giving her something fun and educational to do during her free time, these games are a great way to accomplish all of those things and more. Learn more today!

Fashionable Styles Are Not Just For People With Perfect Model Bodies

There are many people out there who want to change a lot about their bodies and appearances. Bad enough not everyone has time to change the way they eat or the way they exercise. That is why everyone feels hopeless for themselves because they think they never have the time. Even though you can’t change the way you look you can change the way you appear as far as your body size goes.

When it comes to fashion people only think that only models can be those that wear the latest fashions. The thing is nobody is perfect not even models and that is why fashion is discussed not only with models but with society as well. The other thing that you may not see is that fashion comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

If you are small in bone structure and weight you may be considered petite. As it comes to those of that kind of body type there is a whole market of clothing made just for that type of person’s body for both men and women.

If you are an athletic and active person you probably have an athletic body frame. This is one who is toned and muscular to be fit. Since a very small percentage of the population is into fitness not all of women’s clothing are for those who are fit and in shape. That is why there are other lines of clothing that are for you and nobody else.

If you think of yourself to be a plus sized person there is a whole line of clothing for you as well. What has changed about the line of clothing of plus sized people is that it has changed from being made to be comfortable to style as well. While still many plus sized clothing pieces are very comfortable more and more are becoming stylish to the taste of both plus sized women and men.

The above mentioned fashions for smaller bigger and athletic people are available in every fashion store. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are you should be able to find the right clothing for you anytime. If you are one to be wearing fashionable clothing and such then you should take a visit to one of your local shopping malls or strip malls you will be able to find almost anything you can think of at one of these types of shopping centers.

It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall big or skinny you can still go out there and find the right type of clothing for you at a mall or strip mall anytime. Remember fashion isn’t just for models it can be for any type of person. You can also find a huge selection of clothing for all body types online.

Silver Rings For Men

Elegant necklaces for women and silver rings for men have been a common sight in today’s generation. Jewelry has been embedded in our culture and traditions. They have adorned our ancestors for ages and have become important clues to our history. The most primitive jewelry has been those that are commonly found in nature. Wood, bones, and shells are among those that have been used. They come in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Through the centuries, they have served many purposes. They have been an effective display of wealth and status, which have even been used as currency. In some cultures, they have served as protection in the form of magical wards and amulets.

Necklaces, bracelets and rings have been a staple element in any wardrobe ensemble of men and women of today’s modern lifestyle. A classic watch and a simple silver ring can make men look more sophisticated and exude elegance. With the increasing price of gold in the market, silver and other semi precious metals have been widely used. Silver in particular is less expensive and durable making them ideal for daily use. They are equally elegant and come in a variety of designs from simple to the more intricate.

Silver is abundant and have been used in jewelry making for centuries. Their abundance makes them less expensive than most other metals. They are found throughout the world that has been crafted into various interesting items. They have the advantage of being malleable that can easily be crafted into intricate pieces. Unlike women who can adorn themselves with more jewelry such as bejeweled brooches, clips and bangles, modern men opt to wear less lavish jewelry pieces. Sterling silver rings have been the most common jewelry that men wear. Classic silver rings have been used effectively to complete the contemporary look that can be fun and carefree.

Silver rings come in a variety of designs that can be sleek or bizarre. With the malleability of silver, they can be designed with very various detailing. Simple ring bands are common and are preferred by many. There are also those that are quite elaborate in design and should only be used by individuals for informal occasions. Rings with semi precious stones are also quite popular. They can be studded with birthstones for a more personal value. When choosing them, opting for classic styles that will not go out of fashion is recommended. As with all jewelry items, silver rings for men are an investment that needs proper maintenance and care for them to last for years.

Vital Fashion Ideas For Men

Platitudes about how looks don’t matter are perhaps nowhere less-suited to the realm of the job interview. Though of course appearance has little or nothing to do with someone’s ability as a company employee, we only have to reflect for a moment to realize that aesthetic judgments are unavoidable when we begin to attempt an appraisal of someone we have heretofore never met. So, what type of men’s clothing should we wear, and how does it affect a job interview?

First of all, there is the subject of taste. Certainly, this is as variable a topic as one could imagine, but there are certain choices which are generally agreed upon to be appropriate and inappropriate for job interviews. Most of these are of course obvious; the enormous kipper tie, the white chinos: these are going to get you nowhere. But there are several more subtle observances that should be remembered; your suit colour should for best results be a solid, conservative shade – navy or char before jet black, which tends to look cheap even at mid price range. A belt should ideally match one’s shoe colour and, if possible, texture. Tie clips, cufflinks and other accessories should be kept to the neutral, rather than the showy. Erring on the side of the timeless is the best way – if there is the slightest chance of garishness, don’t wear it.

Secondly, there is comfort. Your employer or interview panel may specify that you must wear impeccably-smart dress, but if it’s the first time you’ve ever set foot in a pair of pressed slacks and worn your shirt buttoned at the throat, you’re likely to not only look uncomfortable, but feel unnatural in your interview delivery too. There are several ways to remedy this. The first is to make it known to your tailor or shop assistant that this is your first foray into general suit-wear. This way you can find something in which you can move freely when standing and when seated, rather than if you opt right away for a suit with a razor-sharp cut. If you’ve got time, get used to sitting and finding your comfort zone in your suit before the interview date.

There is also the question of propriety. If your employer is less formal and you have been asked to dress casually, you will no doubt be wrestling with what is expected of you, now that your suit-bubble has well and truly been burst. There is no point wearing a suit regardless when it is not what has been requested. Smart casual – there are hundreds of ways you could go with this, but some are of course better than others. Going from the stature of the suit, a sharp corduroy jacket with a shirt nicely offset (but on the expensive side) is good for the upper torso. For the lower half try to avoid jeans, especially blue denim. Choose a straight, narrow fit and try to splash out on the shoes: expensive but not flashy. Forget the tie, unless it be on the slim and fashionable side. Lastly, be sure that you are comfortable before your own bedroom mirror in what you choose; if it doesn’t make you crack a smile, is the outfit or are you yourself likely to impress the panel?

Interview time is always a stressful period, and what is perhaps important to remember is that you have been invited along most likely because people are already convinced, on principal, of your aptitude; your attire need only reflect your professionality – you probably won’t earn any extra points for alligator-skin shoes. Try a few men’s outfits on, take the advice of friends and professional acquaintances, and above all, don’t expect the clothes to do the talking; rather wear what allows you to appear comfortably before your potential employer

Plus Size Clothing Must Have Style Tips

Plus Size Clothing Style Tips:

You have probably know that wearing stylish clothes which suit you shape can make a plus size person look slimmer and probable maximizes their best features as well. It is important to know fashion tips for the plus size clothing,the following tips might help you look good at any time

There are many body types, therefore it is best to choose a style of clothing according to your body type.

What shape are you? Triangle, Apple Or Rectangle?

1. The first type is the hourglass. The hourglass shape means broad shoulders and heavier hips of the almost the same size as the shoulders and a thinner waist. Now if your body is of hourglass shape than you should wear an outfit that shows your waist and you should avoid wearing clothes which will make your hips and shoulders look bigger than normal.An hour-glassed body shaped person should avoid bulky cloths. Clothes which are cut to high light your waist will make you look beautiful, v- necks and 50’s style clothes are also good styles for this shape.

2. The second shape is the triangle.. The triangle shaped body can be defined as the body in which hips are larger than the shoulders and waist. The people who are “triangle” shapes should focus on the top half, wearing shoulder pads, and tops which may your top half look slightly wider to balance the triangle shape. Avoid while buying outfits which make your hips look prominent. Brighter colors on top, draw attention away from hips.

3. The third shape is inverted triangle body shape or apple body shape. This shape is where the shoulders and waist are broader than the hips. For the plus sized people with apple body shape it is important to avoid bulky tops which make their shoulder look even broader. It is also important for them to choose the dress which define their waist and make their hip seem wider.

4. The fourth and the final shape is the rectangle. This type of body can be defined as the body in which the size of hips, busts and shoulders are almost the same. For the plus sized people with the rectangular body shape it is important to choose the outfit, which make their waist look slimmer and which emphasizes more over the shoulders and hips.

Style Tips For Different Body Shapes

If you want to look good and express your personal style no matter what the occasion, you should know how to dress for your body shape Choosing the garments that enhance your form best will add a lot of dynamism to your appear. There are four body shape categories most women come into. Use these fashion tips that will work for your figure.

The apple. The upper torso is larger than the lower body, in people with the apple body shape. When women with apple bodies increase heaviness, it shows additional about the waistline. Never fear – this means they can show off their fabulous legs! The idea is to pick clothes that will de-emphasize the waist and reduce the look of large shoulders. For apple shapes, wear v-neck style tops. Wrap tops can also make your waist appear smaller. To hide any extra weight, wear empire cut tops.

A person with a pear-shaped body is considered to have larger hips, thighs, and legs, but a small upper body. The key to dressing up is attracting the eye to your great upper body and detracting from the lower half. Please review and follow these style tips: choose tops that are textured with wide necklines to draw attention to the upper body; wear dark jeans with colorful tops to balance your appearance; choose skirts with an a-line to skim the hips.

Highlight your hourglass shape. If you have a body which is curvy above and below a more defined waist then you belong in the hourglass shape division. Ladies with hourglass shapes can moreover show off their curves or prefer garments that de-emphasize their hips. Try showing off your waist by wearing clothing that defines the area. Use a belted or wrap dress. You can also try wearing a dress with a cinched waist. Another way to show off your curves is with a tailored blouse, a fitted skirt, a high-waisted skirt, or even with shorts. Use monochromatic colors to balance an hourglass figure. If you want to elongate your figure try a v-neck top. Avoid adding extra bulk to your body shape by wearing dresses and tops made of thin, lightweight fabric.

The rectangular shape is the least defined of the figures. In this classification the hip measurements are similar to each other, and weight gain is evenly distributed. Layered looks will create more dimension to your figure. Choose jeans with a faded thigh area to create the illusion of curvier hips. Jewel encrusted jean bottoms tend to make behinds look larger. Take a look at dresses with prints and details.