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Tips on Determining Mortgage Affordability Many first-time home buyers hear how much a home they are looking at costs and guffaw at the price tag. That type of reaction is understandable as the prices of homes have risen in recent years. This is especially true in some of the more popular cities in the country where many people want to live. Affordability is the thought that typically comes next upon hearing the prices that are being given. Considering whether or not you can afford a house is great foresight because you do not want to be one of those homeowners that gets foreclosed on within a year because they didn’t think that their mortgage payments were going to be too much for them to pay on time. Defaulting on a home loan can cause a lot of financial distress and a damaged credit report for a long time. Homeowners that experience extreme debt and financial issues sometimes have to file for bankruptcy and many times it is due to their inability to afford their monthly house payment the way that they thought they could initially. Pledging to only buy what you can afford comfortably can save you from a lot of the financial problems that others seem to fall into when they don’t plan and think ahead of spending. The common determination that people use to find out how much they can afford in a mortgage is multiplying two times their gross income for a year and using that as their maximum loan amount. It is important to know what lenders think you can afford when you head in to apply for a mortgage. Lenders often use a process that involves figuring out your debt-to-income ratio to see what they feel you can afford without being in a financial quagmire that could potentially cause you to default. The debt that they consider will be things like car payments, credit cards, and other debts that you may have. Mortgage companies don’t want you to buy a home that is too expensive for your budget because they worry about defaults.
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Another factor that can help you in lowering the price of your mortgage is having a down payment that is around twenty percent. It is important to note that most lenders will only require around a five percent down payment or less to get the loan. Taking into account your own monthly bills and expenses and adding those up can help you in determining whether or not you can afford a mortgage. Determining your mortgage affordability is done by adding up your expenses and bills to come up with a number that works for you and also taking into account the calculations that the lender uses.A Beginners Guide To Loans