15 Minute Fashion Guide

When the alarm goes off in the morning, women are lucky if we can find our way to the coffee pot without injury. The only decision most women can make pre-sunrise is whether we want one spoon full of sugar or two in our coffee. Ever since grade school some women are taught to pick out our outfit the night before. Going to bed with piece of mind that we don’t have to make any outfit threatening decisions the next morning. But we still don’t have hours to spend making a reasonable fashion choice in attire for the following day.

Start with one article of clothing that you sure you want to be seen in the following day. Have it be a new pair of shoes, pants that finally fit again or a really pretty bracelet that has inspired you for some reason. Starting preparation on your outfit around this #1 piece this can help narrow your choices and speed things up.

Unless your #1 piece is a top or dress always start from the bottom, upwards. Select which style bottom you choice for the day a skirt, capri’s or maybe pants. Next is the color, if your shoes are black you obviously aren’t planning on wearing khaki. Try and spice things up though, pin stripe is always a great alternative.

Next is a blouse let’s presume the outfit so far; black heels and pin stripe capri’s. Good clean and simple, try and brighten things up now. Remember you are going to work so keep it professional. A solid color tank and matching cardigan is always pleasing. Try a lilac, soft pink or pale blue matching set. If you’re more daring, an intense red is always sophisticated & classic.

This should be the fun part now, accessories! Accessories are a great example of your personal style and taste. Feel free to mix and match, always wear something that makes you smile and is fun. Matching is always safe, silver or gold watch- stud earrings, a simple necklace and maybe 1 or 2 rings. If you don’t lean towards the safe side try a set of bold bangle bracelets. Be sure that they don’t make a lot of noise for that can be distracting at work. Earrings try a hoop or something with your fashion forward, maybe a colorful cluster of gemstones or a more playful design. Rings are a great expression too; try something that will have you smiling every time you look down at it.

Having your outfit laid out ahead of time relives plenty of unnecessary stress in the morning hours. A put together look during the work day will help you in feeling better through out you’re already stressful day. Always plan a simple back up outfit just in case of a last minute spill or new found rip. An effortless dress is stable back up plan – just in case. A look already put together will give you more time in the morning for important things – like breakfast!